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Hannele Steyn

I have been using PVM and PVM only products since 1994.

That should say a lot already.

I have tried and used all the products, even all of the ones that have been discontinued.

I have used it as a professional triathlete and mountain biker, in sprint distances, enduro distances and ultra-distances and there was always a product(s) which catered for the unique needs of a race or training.
PVM caters for all the needs of a sports person; before, during and after and even in between.

I have always used the Octane as my racing and training energy and electrolyte replacement.
The Fusion has been the magic drink because I can use it before a race when the nerves don’t allow me to eat properly or during a race when chewing solid food becomes a problem.
The bars and gels are part of my race food, and I almost don’t want to call them gels, because for me you cannot compare it with the normal gels as people know it. The Octane gels are a proper, dense, emergency energy boost which kicks in between 5 and 15 minutes, taste delicious and keeps your blood sugar going for longer than an hour. It is not your normal, sugary liquid spike of a syrup,
The protein has been a daily addition to my protein intake as well as a very necessary recovery drink during hard training days and races.

PVM has been a part of my daily nutritional regime since 1994 as well, because I use the protein supplement as an addition to my daily protein intake.
The Fusion I use if I do not get time for a proper meal at any time of the day and the bars are a guilt free sweet satisfaction.

I still use PVM as a non-professional mountain biker and a compliment to my daily diet.

I have had a few offers from other nutrition companies during my career and have never even been tempted.

I have worked for PVM for several years, so I don’t only believe what they say, I have seen and experienced the science and knowledge behind the products.

I honestly feel honoured to be an ambassador for PVM.

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