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PVM Recommendations for Optimal Immediate Recovery

Immediate Recovery

Glycogen replenishment
  • Ensure a high carbohydrate intake.
  • The type of carbohydrates is dependent on a variety of factors. When the duration between exercise sessions is short (< 8 hours), it is recommended that you consider carbohydrates with a fast absorption rate. This will reduce satiety ensuring that you can easily consume enough carbohydrates without experiencing discomfort.
Fluid and electrolyte replacement
  • Fluid intake after recovery is dependent on the duration, environment and type of activity. Drink according to thirst post-training.
  • The intake of water alone will not necessarily ensure re-hydration. Unless electrolytes lost during exercise (especially sodium) is not replaced, the consumption of large volumes of water will result in large urine losses.
Protein synthesis
  • Consume 10-20 g protein with carbohydrates.
  • Choose good quality protein sources.
Immune system support
  • Carbohydrate intake before, during and after exercise may reduce the stress hormone response to exercise, thus minimising its effect on the immune system. Carbohydrates also supply fuel for many of the immune system cells.
  • Vitamins and minerals, especially antioxidants (Vitamin A, C and E), may support the immune system.
  • Proteins forms a structural part of immune system cells and glutamine provides fuel for enterocytes thereby keeping them healthy.

The Combination of Carbohydrates and Protein of Recovery

How much?

Urine Colour Chart

< 1.009 Well-hydrated
1.009 - 1.020 Hydrated
1.021 - 1.025 Minimal dehydration
1.026 - 1.030 Significant dehydration
≥ 1.031 Severe dehydration

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