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Nicky Booyens

My very first distinct memories of the PVM products were eating the PVM Energy Bars at school sports and eating PVM Mielie Meal out of a zip lock bag during expedition length adventure races just after varsity!

PVM is one of the oldest nutrition brands still out there today and a brand I can trust.  PVM came into existence in 1968 and they manufacture all their products themselves in their own facility.  No athlete has ever tested positive on a PVM product, and all ingredients are deemed legal substances by WADA.
With such a wide range of products, I can use up to 5 different PVM products in one day!  I use the Mielie Pap, Octane, Reignite, Energy Bars and Fusion almost daily.  I use Octane Gels mostly during races and exceptionally long training sessions and Protein XTR two to three times a week after big races or hard training sessions for muscle recovery.

The PVM range works extremely well for me and all my ultra-endurance events – it keeps me well sustained and my energy levels up.  I find PVM extremely palatable no matter the conditions, so I am always able to get nutrition in and keep my body moving forwards.
I am very proud to be a PVM sponsored athlete and represent such a great brand of products!

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