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Esti Olivier

My initial draw to PVM and their products was the fact that they are a local company who manufacture and produce all their products themselves.  This gave me peace of mind that they have control over their production line and that cross contamination with other products is not a risk.  All their ingredients are 100% legal in accordance with WADA regulations.  It is only later that I learned that the CEO would take responsibility if any person should test positive on any of their products.

Another big bonus as an athlete was the fact that PVM did not only want me to use their supplements for use thereof.  They encourage athletes to follow a healthy nutritional diet and then only use supplements as additional assistance to your training load.  Their dietician is highly knowledgeable and committed to improving and maintaining any nutritional requirements that you as an individual require.

PVM is a company that cares about their athletes and the well being of every client that use their products!

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